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About Us


Hey, Stars!

My name is Tabatha. I’m the wisher, dreamer, & founder (whatever you want to go with) of Wishing Star Boutique. I wished for my very own store while running high volume specialty stores for 10 years. I loved literally everything about retail corporations except the boundaries on creativity. So after several wishes and lots of hard work I took a leap of faith. It was the scariest most exciting thing I’ve ever done still to this day! It was a decision that changed my life forever! Wishing Star is going into her 5th year of business very soon. A lot has changed and time flew! 

A little bit about myself: I have three beautiful children that are the reason I went for my dreams in the first place. I couldn’t imagine them not living their dreams because of fear. So, they are the reason I went for mine. I’m married to (in my eyes) the best husband on the planet! He's never doubted, questioned, or feared any of this. He believed in me more than I did myself. Fun fact about our family...We are a “military family” My husband is on his 11th year of service & counting. My family and I have a goldendoodle, plus a Persian cat. We are very thankful and blessed. 

Our business took off and with my husband’s military career, I was always searching for the perfect match for a business partner. After two years of business I found her! 

Let me tell you about Melissa. Omg she is a gift from God. I believe that all my praying for someone that is like me & loves the business like myself was answered with not only those qualities but we look a lot alike. We get asked if we are sister or twins at least once a week. Melissa grew up in Chicago, studying Fashion Merchandising. She is happily married and has two cats & dog Toby (her ride or die). Fun fact: she would have 100 cats if she could! 

So, safe to say, with your support, we are so thankful that you allow us to follow our dreams! 

Thank you so much for supporting our small business.